Ocean’s Call

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Have you ever come across something that has been right in front of you your whole life, but took a quick shake to the senses for you to notice it?
Something so simple yet so brilliant, it remained completely hidden in plain sight.
And it took something equally as innocuous for you to see it in all it’s unbridled splendor.

For me, that is Ocean’s Call.

With a few brief years here and there, I’ve lived on Long Island my entire life.
And like any kid, living in any town, in any state, there was a point in my young life where I resented everything about my hometown.
“Man, Long Island sucks”, would have been a T-shirt I would have worn proudly back in my heavy metal parking lot days.

But as I grew older and less angsty and more adaptable and less surly and more adult, I came to the very profound realization that no, Long Island does not, in fact suck. Sure it’s got it’s cons…high taxes, crowded beaches, the Amityville Horror House.

But it’s got its fair share of pros as well.
Incredible wineries, picturesque coastlines on both shores, the Amityville Horror House, etc.

The point I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t take a pair of rose-colored glasses to see that the grass is pretty green here.

But none of this fully registered with me until Ocean’s Call came knocking at my door.

– to be continued.

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